Rohde & Schwarz Accessory

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Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
Rohde & Schwarz FSE-Z5 New (GSA discount) Test port adapter 2.4 mm female for FSU43,FSU46,FSU50, ESU40, FSP40, FSMR43, FSUP50 FSE-Z5
Rohde & Schwarz FSH-Z34 New (GSA discount) Optical RS232 interface cable 1.5 m for FSH3/6/18 (spare) FSH-Z34
Rohde & Schwarz FSH-Z36 New (GSA discount) Spare headphones for FSH3/6/18, additional haedphones for FSH4/8 FSH-Z36
Rohde & Schwarz FSH-Z37 New (GSA discount) Optical USB interface cable, 1.5 m for FSH3/6/18 (spare) FSH-Z37
Rohde & Schwarz HA-Z232 New (GSA discount) SD memory card 8GB, for R&S®PR100 and R&S®FSH (accessory) HA-Z232
Rohde & Schwarz HA-Z240 New (GSA discount) GPS receiver for R&S®FSH4/8, R&S®ZVH, R&S®PR100 and R&S®ETH (accessory) HA-Z240
Rohde & Schwarz HZ-3 New (GSA discount) Accessory: Supply cable length 3 m for HFH2-Z1, HFH2-Z2, HFH2-Z3, HFH2-Z6 and EZ-12 HZ-3
Rohde & Schwarz HZ-4 New (GSA discount) Accessory: Supply-cable (10 m) for HFH2-Z1, HFH2-Z2, HFH2-Z3, HFH2-Z6 and EZ-12 HZ-4
Rohde & Schwarz NAP-Z2 New (GSA discount) Accessory: Extension cable (25 m) for power sensor NAP-Z2
Rohde & Schwarz NAP-Z6 New (GSA discount) Accessory: Power sensor 25 - 1000 MHz, 1100 W, 50 Ohm connectors 7/16 male/female NAP-Z6
Rohde & Schwarz NAP-Z7 New (GSA discount) Accessory: Short wave power head PEP/AVG, 0.4 - 80 MHz, 195 W, 50 Ohm, connection: N NAP-Z7
Rohde & Schwarz NAP-Z8 New (GSA discount) Accessory: Short wave power sensor PEP/AVG, 0.2 - 80 MHz, 1950 W, 50 Ohm NAP-Z8
Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Z28 New (GSA discount) Level Control Sensor 10MHz to 18GHz,N(m) (for signal generators) NRP-Z28
Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Z3 New (GSA discount) USB adapter (active) for NRP-Z sensors, including trigger output and AC supply NRP-Z3
Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Z98 New (GSA discount) Level Control Sensor 9kHz to 6GHz, N(m) (for signal generators) NRP-Z98
Rohde & Schwarz NRT-Z5 New (GSA discount) USB Interface Adapter for NRT Power Sensors NRT-Z5
Rohde & Schwarz RT-ZA1 New (GSA discount) Accessory kit for passive voltage probes RT-ZP10/RTM-ZP10 (2.5 mm tip style) RT-ZA1
Rohde & Schwarz RT-ZA2 New (GSA discount) Spare accessory set for active voltage probe RT-ZS10E/10/20/30 RT-ZA2
Rohde & Schwarz RT-ZA3 New (GSA discount) Pin set for active voltage probe RT-ZS10E/10/20/30 (20 signal pins; 5 ground pins, pogo; 20 ground pins, solderable, offset; 2 ground adapters, square pin; 1 marker band kit) RT-ZA3
Rohde & Schwarz RT-ZA4 New (GSA discount) Mini clips (10 pce, probe accessory) RT-ZA4
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