Fluke Power Quality 43B-003
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Fluke Power Quality 43B-003 POWER QUALITY ANALYZER, USA

  • Voltage and current waveforms
  • True-rms voltage and current
  • Frequency measurement
  • On-Screen tutorial for set up of 3-phase power measurements and displacement power factor measurements
  • Watts, power factor, displacement power factor (cos) VA and VAR
  • Voltage and current waveforms
  • Voltage, current, and power harmonics up to 51st harmonic
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD), Phase angle of individual harmonics
  • Continuously measure E/I on a cycle-by-cycle basis for up to 24 hours
  • Use cursors to read time and date of sags and swells
  • Catch voltage transients and waveform distortion
  • Catch and save up to 40 transients
  • Correlate the cause of transient with time and date stamps
  • Inrush current up to 500A with supplied current probe
  • Use cursors to measure inrush timing
  • Connect-and-View scope for quick waveform display
  • Voltage and current channels
  • 20MHz bandwidth with optional 10:1 voltage probe
  • FlukeView® Power Quality Analyzer Software (included)
  • Capture measurement screens and data for professional-looking reports
  • Log readings to your computer disk drive
  • Log harmonics data over time to create a complete harmonics profile
  • Works with Windows® word processing, spreadsheet and analysis software
  • Windows® 95 / 98 / Me / 2000 / NT 4.0 compatible
  • Measures resistance, diode voltage drop, continuity, and capacitance
  • Records two selectable parameters for up to 16 days
  • Supports temperature accessories with direct readout in degrees
  • 10 measurement memories for saving screens
  • 500A ac current clamp and voltage probes with four sets of probe tips
  • User's Manual, applications manual and video to help answer questions
  • 3 year warranty


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