Kepco Inc. HSF1001UR-X
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Kepco Inc. HSF1001UR-X Remote On/Off Option

•Hot-swappable plug-in power supplies.
•Designed to be combined in an N+1 fault-tolerant power system.
•Front panel voltage adjustment trimmer for adjustment of output voltage.
•Built-in forced current sharing and or-ing diodes.
•May also be used independently as a multi-output power supply.
•Designed to be sustainable - new models are backward compatible with existing racks.
•Available in 1U and 3U sizes.
•All models include power factor correction (PFC).
•Full service customized DC power distribution systems can match power supply output(s) with your load(s).
•I/O connections via 24 pin connector that plugs into rack adapter. External connections are made via rack adapter.
•Surface mount technology permits minimum mounting space.
•Entire RA 19 racks populated with HSF power supplies can be connected in parallel, parallel-redundant or series.
•HSF are CE Marked per the Low Voltage Directive (LVD), EN60950 and the EMC Directives.
•HSF can be custom configured for special applications, such as:
-Space rocket launcher DC UPS
•Air Traffic Control

•When HSF modules are paralleled, the module with the highest voltage setting automatically becomes the "master." As long as they are in the same voltage range, the other units are slaves, tracking the master voltage setting and equally sharing load current. •Additional Fault Tolerant Solutions with Kepco's Series HSP (hot swap) and HSM (hard wired).


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