Tecan US Inc. 30025239
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Tecan US Inc. 30025239 EVOlyzer 200 Base Unit with Robotic Manipulator Arm (RoMa), PosID3 Module, and FastWash Pump with Sensor Pump Option, 1 year warranty

Laboratory managers worldwide are showing increasing interest in automation of ELISA processes. Tecan¿s Freedom EVOlyzer offers a validated solution for automation of microplate­based chromogenic ELISAs, and can be easily adapted to meet the changing workflow and throughput requirements of today¿s diagnostic laboratory.

The Freedom EVOlyzer is designed to reduce hands-on time for ELISA processing, helping to improve the workflow efficiency of busy diagnostic laboratories. Controlled by the easy to use Freedom EVOlution™ software, the platform offers outstanding flexibility for a wide variety of ELISA protocols. With scalable throughput, the Freedom EVOlyzer can grow with your laboratory needs, allowing simultaneous processing of four or more microplates in one run.


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