Bird Electronic Corporation SH-36S-RM
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Bird Electronic Corporation SH-36S-RM SignalHawk, Rackmount Spectrum Analyzer 100kHz - 3.6 GHz

Over an Ethernet network, you can remotely analyze the performance of your system and diagnose problems from any computer on your network, whether in the same room or half way across the state.

High Performance in a Rack-Mount Spectrum Analyzer
•Fast, Accurate, and Sensitive: 66 dB Dynamic Range and -135 dBm Noise Floor.
•Minimal Rack Space Required: Only 2 RU.
•Eliminates trips to difficult remote locations.
•Same "Spectrum Analyzer" functionality as our hand held unit all from your office PC.
•Multiple sites can be monitored from one centralized location.
•Along with our BPME you can view your RF Spectrum and be alerted of any RF Power alarm - A TOTAL 1-STOP PACKAGE.
•Built in FCC Compliance Masks.
•Waterfall display.


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Bird Electronic Corporation SH-36S-RM

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