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Anritsu S412E

Product Description:

Anritsu S412E LMR Master; 500 kHz to 1600 MHz Land Mobile Radio Modulation Analyzer and Signal Generator; Vector Network Analyzer; Spectrum Analyzer. Supplied with 3 year warranty coverage.

Made in USA
The LMR Master combines a high performance receiver/ spectrum analyzer, vector network analyzer, internal power meter, and a vector signal generator (with internally adjustable power from 0 dBm to -130 dBm) to create the ideal handheld instrument for field testing of land mobile radio systems up to 1.6 GHz. Cable & antenna analysis or vector network analysis displays. DANL of -152 dBm (10 HHz RBW) and >+16dBm TOI allows detection of weak signals immediately adjacent to strong carries. Optional interference analysis, extension to 6 GHz for backhaul systems and GPS receiver.

The LMR Master allows field analysis and coverage mapping of LMR standards including Analog FM, P25 (GDMA Phase 1 and TDMA Phase 2), NXDN™, and DMR/MotoTRBO™. Supports FirstNet LTE for public safety.

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Anritsu S412E
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